Michael Schouest

Associate / New Orleans

P: 504.561.5160 ext. 469

F: 504.528.9442

In his previous career, Michael Schouest performed quality assurance in the video game industry. This attention to detail – identifying problems and working with a team to determine the solution – serves him well as an attorney at SBSB. Like finding a bug in a video game, Michael is adept at identifying gaps in his own argument, enabling him to address those issues with the SBSB team and tighten up the case. That focus also allows him to find flaws in opposing counsel’s logic, thus making the best case possible for his client.

Michael’s master’s degree in history also provides a unique perspective when it comes to tackling his clients’ cases. That particular degree required him to do extensive research into a number of fields in order to understand and put into perspective past events. It’s not a stretch to see the benefit of this to Michael and his clients as he does the research required to understand the context of each case. Since each one presents its own singular scenario, being able to digest all the components and identify the best legal strategy is key to Michael’s, and his clients’, success.

In his off-time, Michael referees roller derby matches in the New Orleans area. You could say that this pastime, requiring extensive familiarity with rules and regulations and identifying and calling out penalties – identifying issues and speaking up as soon as he sees them – also isn’t too far removed from practicing law. Just on roller skates.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas

  • Defense Base Act
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act
  • Jones Act


  • B.A., Louisiana State University
  • M.A., Southeastern Louisiana University
  • J.D., Louisiana State University Law Center