Premises Liability

Any business with facilities open to the public may eventually find itself accused of liability when personal injuries occur at its premises through slips, trips, falls or other events alleged to be caused by negligent upkeep or oversight of the property. Failure to have proper legal counsel in such cases can result in hefty judgments and skyrocketing insurance rates against your business. SBSB Eastham Law provides effective insurance litigation defense for insurance providers facing premises liability injury and wrongful death claims. Our firm has an established record of successful trial and settlement outcomes in homeowner and commercial policy liability cases such as commercial or public property slip-and-fall claims, retail store injuries, defense against trip-and-fall claims, sidewalk, parking lot and parking ramp injuries, swimming pool and public space injuries, homeowner policy liability and dog bite injuries.

​We also understand how different jurisdictions treat premises liability cases. We will include in our recommendation an analysis of the venue of the case, of the potential verdict and of potential liability. As we move forward and as circumstances change, we keep clients updated regarding options and the likelihood of success.

We understand that every premises liability claim is unique. We will take the time necessary to learn the details of each operation and business model so that we can make recommendations that are tailored to each business we represent.