While the goal of most transportation undertakings is relatively straightforward — move goods or passengers from Point A to Point B — the process is complex and vulnerable to uncertainties. Transportation matters are subject to a vast array of state, federal, and international laws and regulations — not just the laws of points A and B but also of the jurisdictions being transited.

We assist aircraft leasing companies, aircraft manufacturers and purchasers, trucking companies, railroad industry clients, ocean carriers, barge lines and other businesses in regulatory matters, litigation, logistics and supply chain issues, and transactions.​

At SBSB Eastham Law, we recognize the specialized legal issues facing motor carriers and logistics suppliers and how essential it is to businesses domestically and worldwide. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in every aspect of transportation and logistics law, from regulation and litigation to finance and commercial issues. In addition, we understand that our job is to collaborate with clients to design practical, timely and cost-effective solutions that succeed in the marketplace and satisfy business imperatives.